Dear Family,

We are delighted to introduce the Breastfeeding Center of Charleston opened August 28th, 2017. We believe the health of the mother and her newborn are intricately intertwined. For this reason, we will be providing comprehensive, coordinated care to the mother and baby as a unit at the Breastfeeding Center of Charleston. Comprehensive care includes exams for the both the mother and baby to ensure optimal health for the breastfeeding duo. Our team will work closely with the mother’s OBGYN and the baby’s primary pediatrician to provide continuity of care for the breastfeeding duo.  We will communicate the plan of care that is rendered at each visit back to the primary providers.

To schedule an appointment at the Breastfeeding Center of Charleston please call 843.737.9494. We want every mother to have a successful breastfeeding journey, whether she is starting with her first baby or she has older children. Our certified team of providers combine many years of training and experience in caring for mothers and babies to become International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). This additional certification allows us to provide highly specialized care to breastfeeding mothers and babies.

Additionally, we are delighted to provide a boutique, a variety of monthly classes, and additional resources for your family through the Breastfeeding Center of Charleston. The boutique is conveniently located in our office and will provide easy access to many of the essentials for breastfeeding mothers and babies. In our private classroom space, free classes will be offered to provide additional support and encouragement to the breastfeeding family. Our classes will help new families with topics including nutrition, exercise, bonding with babies, support for new fathers, and more. A monthly schedule with registration will be available on the Breastfeeding Center of Charleston’s website.

We are honored to encourage, nurture and serve your family!


Elizabeth Milliron, MD, IBCLC
Medical Director
Breastfeeding Center of Charleston