What We Do

At the Breastfeeding Center of Charleston, our board-certified team of professionals are equipped to address all your breastfeeding needs so that you can meet your breastfeeding goals. Our lactation consultants and medical providers see you and your baby together as a breastfeeding pair. Whether you are a new or more seasoned mother, each breastfeeding experience is unique! If you are experiencing challenges such as pain with breastfeeding, feeding multiples, maintaining milk supply, have other concerns, or are doing well but just want some reassurance, we can help. Our team is here for you and offers appointments and resources to meet your needs.

Prenatal Consultation
We want every mother to have a successful breastfeeding journey, whether she is starting with her first baby or she has older children. Any woman with a history of breastfeeding difficulties, anatomical breast concerns, specific maternal medical conditions, who is expecting multiples or anticipates a baby with special needs should be referred for a prenatal consultation at the Breastfeeding Center. This prenatal consultation, which lasts between thirty to forty-five minutes, should occur six to eight weeks prior to delivery. During this visit, the expectant mother will receive individualized breastfeeding education, a demonstration of key techniques to use in the first few days of breastfeeding, a personalized plan to establish a solid milk supply, a discussion of breastfeeding devices, and a plan to meet the mother’s unique breastfeeding goals.

Mother and Baby Visit
You and your baby will be seen together at the Breastfeeding Center. Your appointment will last between an hour to an hour and a half. Most of your appointment time will be spent with the lactation consultant. She will address your medical history and any breastfeeding concerns or questions you have. The lactation consultant will also observe you breastfeed and make recommendations appropriate for you and your baby. A physician will then examine you and your baby. You will leave your visit with an individualized breastfeeding plan of care and a follow-up appointment at the Breastfeeding Center as needed.

Working and Breastfeeding Visit
Returning to work after having a baby can present difficulties for both mother and baby. If you plan to work outside the home after having your baby, we encourage you to come in for a consultation with your baby three to four weeks prior to returning to work. We will go over stresses your body may encounter with your return to work, pumping management, tips to maintain milk supply, teaching others to feed the baby, tips to maintain work/life balance while embracing motherhood, and review any additional questions or concerns you have. We recommend that you bring your breast pump to this visit in case you need any assistance using it. You will receive an individual plan of care to help you meet your breastfeeding goals as you return to work. 

Coordinated Care
We believe that coordinated continuity of care is important for both mother and baby. As needed, our providers will consult with your baby’s primary pediatrician to ensure thorough care and management. After each visit in the Breastfeeding Center, a letter will be sent to your OB/GYN and your baby’s primary pediatrician. This letter will include an assessment of the visit and a detailed plan of care for you and your baby.

At the Breastfeeding Center of Charleston, we support families through education. We are thrilled to offer free classes for expectant parents and caregivers of infants and children. Our classes are offered throughout the week either monthly or bi-monthly. We want to empower families through knowledge and education on this amazing journey of parenthood. You can find a list of classes and registration forms on our website.